April Baby!!!

1. My birthday was epic!! Can you say you survived getting kicked in the booty by a camel in the desert on your bornday??!! Oh okay.

2. Stores in the mall open at 4PM on Friday…PM!!!  Huh??!!

3. If you know me, you know I’m a fast walker…but yeah, Saudis don’t roll like that, I call it the Saudi Stroll, it tries my patience, but reminds me to slow down.

4. I love and appreciate this place, the challenges, and experiences.  I wouldn’t take this journey back for anything!

5. I learned the Biker Shuffle line dance in Saudi!! BK/NY, shame on you for not puttin me on!

6. Bought my first humidifier out here-the need for quality air is real!

7. You will hear many expats (non locals) complain about anything they can complain about here.  Of those I’ve encountered, none have been deported, deployed or forced to come!  I’m more mindful of the conversations I entertain.

8. iPhone’s and Saudi water don’t mix.  Only had it a year, but RIP 4/25/2014.  I miss ol’ school communication sometimes!

9. I am more adventurous than I thought.

10. I’m nothing without God.

11. We celebrated The Resurrection on Good Friday.

12. I love Grace Outreach Church, Riyadh!!  

13. Buying Chuck Taylor’s out here made me feel like home-the little things.

14. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE EBC!!!!  I love and miss my home team!

15. Sometimes I underestimate the magnitude of this experience because I’m in it, but it’s pretty incredible because our God is like that.

16. God is helping me in my unbelief.

17. I bring lunch to work every day!!!

18. Being here makes me realize living don’t have to be hard everyday!

19. I’m still relying on the free internet, as I type this from the roof lol.

20. Admittedly, I am more concerned about what’s going on in the world now than I was before I left.

Sand all around me!

Sand all around me!



5 thoughts on “April Baby!!!

  1. Trai says:

    For starters #1 we paved the way for Ghazi
    #2 where they do that at…saudi!
    10, 12 Mos def
    #17 great feeling when you not spending money! It’s the little things!


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