March: 20 NotSoRandoms

Nightlife in Saudi! lol! Outside Najd Village-Traditional Saudi Restaurant

Nightlife in Saudi! lol! Outside a traditional Saudi Restaurant

1. Currently no recycling- could it be why Riyadh is one of the most polluted cities in the world?- pray for my lungs y’all!!

2. For women- the art of not tripping over your floor length skirt and/or abaya is a skill one must master for survival 😉

3. Saudi women (in their floor length skirts) ALL have BODY for DAYZZZ!! I never saw this kinda body before…and it’s natural!!!  

4. There’s a water hose in every bathroom and wherever my next home is, I’ll need to have a hose in the bathroom too. 

5. They ain’t into green veggies, but there’s no shortage of  rice, dates, and meat!!

6. There are Black Saudis. I’m sure there’s history behind that, but I’ve met some chocolate sistas born & raised here, which I hadn’t considered.

7. I don’t feel out of place here.  Kids love to stare, but they do that everywhere 🙂 

8. I am safe-we gotta see the world folks! That’s how we understand what’s really going on in countries we don’t know about. Of course, I walk with purpose, I’m prayerful, etc. but I’m not fearful out here.

9. Mosquitoes out here are no respecter of person, home or body part-anyone can get got.

10. The shower is not meant for your comfort, but your cleanliness, hence the 20 min hot to cold time.

11. Sandstorms will force schools to close early, I don’t think I’ve seen the worst but the flooding is real!

12. Chicken Kabsa is the main dish here (think chicken and rice).

13. I now understand why ahem, “some” cabbies in NY drive the way they do.

14. Groceries are really cheap- I buy local 😉

15. The students call every teacher, “Teacher”

16. Only met one other BKer out here.

17. Prayer time will shut everything down!!! Don’t get caught shopping in the store-you WILL wait till it’s over, gates down and all!

18. We’re now 7hrs ahead of NY.  My work week is Sunday-Thursday.  Friday is the Islamic holy day.

19. I’ve been safely going to church every Friday since I’ve been in Saudi Arabia!!! The worship is serious!! God is out here y’all!!!

20. I’ve learned to love and appreciate the sound of my speaking voice since I’ve been here-the Saudi girls love it, they say “Teacher, beautiful voice!”



8 thoughts on “March: 20 NotSoRandoms

    • Bukola,

      Thank you so much for reading and always encouraging me!! I can’t wait for us 3 to celebrate life together-international style!!



  1. Trai says:

    17 I don’t appreciate it especially during “prime time” hours! And it shuts down for 30-45 mins EACH prayer! Really don’t understand


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