May-It’s Been 3 Months Y’all!



1. The Edge of the World in Riyadh is noooo joke! And I climbed that!!! See pics/vid on IG for details.

2. Still haven’t learned how to properly put on a hijab.

3. I know a lil Arabic doe! Mas Mouki?

4. As hot as it is (90+ everyday), I love to sit outside for lunch.

5. Sand and someone else’s hair will always find their way into your apartment.

6. For Me, 2014 is The Year of the Discomfort Zone!

7. Women are awesome!  I’ve met some dope, beautiful women out here who remind me that there’s more work to be done and more life to live!

8. In 2014, I have a pen pal. Lol, memba those??!!

9. I’ts 115 degrees as I’m typing this.  Now, where  in NY have you seen a dang 46 Celsius on the forecast??

10. Having dinner at an Eritrean family’s home has been my most memorable, traumatizing, and hilarious experience in Saudi Arabia thus far! See the Gram for deets.

11.Yeah women are awesome and all that good stuff from #7, but having my own apartment has DEF made the difference.  With all the time we have to spend together (work, travel, etc) I need my space!

12. I know how to make chicken and rice Somali style for at least 4 people! Yes, I’m hype.

13. My apartment has room for me to walk around, breathe, store things and more. I know, difficult concept for my hometown folk.

14. This journey is so much more than location. God is using this place as a vessel for Him to work on/in me.  It ain’t all been pretty, but it’s all been worth it.

15. People out here don’t seem interested in pop culture like we are back home.  Guess that means I shouldn’t be either huh? Oh.

16. I think my Arabic teacher (who is Yemeni) is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Never wears makeup or earrings, hair always tied back, super cool, and can teach some Arabic!

17. I couldn’t have appreciated this journey 10, 5, or 2 years ago. God be knowing!

18. Coming here with just the basics (5 skirts, 5 shirts-see Feb posts) and looking REAL basic (can someone do my hair? Diane Bailey??) has helped me really see me without the things I probably thought made me…feel me? (say that 3x fast lol)

19. To the person like me, who often feels ordinary, remember God is extraordinary and YOU are not exempt from the magnitude of His blessings.  This journey is for you too. *Cues Mary Mary’s “Ordinary People”

20. June’s postings will be courtesy of…Thailand!  Thanks in advance for your prayers.  Can’t wait to get dirty 😉



23 thoughts on “May-It’s Been 3 Months Y’all!

  1. Trai says:

    To one of the most beautiful hearted, God-fearing keeping Him as a nucleus women on the planet! Glad to share the opportunity with you! You just getting started!

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  2. SadeB says:

    Thailand! !! I’m soo excited for you. proud…so wanting to make sure you know I’m requesting #12 next time I see you inspire me….you are a wonder! 🙂


  3. NeaCelene says:

    Elle Gee!!!! SO I know I am late! But I just read ALL of your posts!! I always admire those who can go to a foreign country (even another state/city for that matter) to LIVE, SIGHT UNSEEN!! I am so not that brave. Your journey is awesome! I will be more diligent in keeping up with your posts. But the bigger question and the post I am early awaiting??? AELJEE Returns to NYC! Or you can say “20 Reasons Why I am on the First Thing Smoking Back to BK” Just give me writer credit!!! LOL Miss you!!!

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    • NeaCelene 😉

      You working that new look!!! I was just listening to Indescribable today and thinking of how God uses you in an awesome way with that song!! Thank you for your encouragement! And that post will come, and when it does, you’ll get that credit!



  4. Kaheen Todmann says:

    19. To the person like me, who often feels ordinary, remember God is extraordinary and YOU are not exempt from the magnitude of His blessings. This journey is for you too. *Cues Mary Mary’s “Ordinary People”

    That passage has the most noticeable impact that change and prosperity can come to those people who may not even realize it. Thank you! We are all deserving.
    I love you


  5. Gloria Jassie says:

    I’ve been keeping up with you since your February post. I think someone else said this earlier but I too feel like I’m right there with you as I read your words. The simplicity of it all makes it even that more profound!

    I related most to #18 this month. We know we have reach another level of maturity when we can witness natural beauty in ourselves and others and be absolutely okay with it. Like less is really more.

    I look forward to ur post from Thailand. I spent about 3 months there as a teen and I still remember it like it was yesterday. A beautiful place with beautiful people. The shopping is also really great…I got my 1st “Rolex” there hehe

    Love to love Sis! xoxo

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    • Gloria Jassie,
      So sorry for the delay (international internet is a different beast lol). Your support and words mean so much, thank you. #18 is still a journey, but I think I get it! You were in Thailand??! Awesome! I’ll be volunteering so I’m sure there will be lots to write about! I may be looking for those watches too 😛


  6. Alysia Williams says:

    #18. Really? I guess it makes sense seeing as how an abaya has to be worn. DId you ever have to send for more clothes, or were you okay with what you had?

    #19. YES!!!!!!!!!! That speaks volumes!

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    • Hi Alysia,
      People were stylish out there (abaya, long skirts and all) I just wasn’t one of them! Lol, I think it was a purposeful part of my journey though. I didn’t send for anything, too challenging, I had the basics. My advice to anyone going 😉 take what you know you use regularly (ie special toothpaste, etc) and don’t be too concerned about the rest, oh and pack light! #19-my testimony! Thanks for reading!


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