This Ain’t Buzzfeed, But…

No Worries Here!

No Worries Here!


Good People,

It’s been a long time coming, but I never forgot you!  I realize it’s important for me to share this experience for different reasons, so here’s the journey from my perspective.  I appreciate you for reading…

I’m not tech savvy like I want to be, but I’m trying, so hopefully WordPress will be a go!  I’m also not tryna copy other styles, but since I’m no writer and you have lives, I thought a list would be easier for all. So I compiled 20 things each month I learned, discovered or reflected on while on my journey to KSA since February.  Be encouraged, inspired, and smile at my corny!




8 thoughts on “This Ain’t Buzzfeed, But…

  1. Shavonne says:

    Awwww April! Your spirit is so kind. I felt that throughout the time I was reading your blog. You have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and trust God. I’m not sure if I’m ready to move out the country yet, but you know what I mean! Lol….Thank you a bunch for sharing your journey with us! You are awesome pretty lady!

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    • Shavonne,

      I soooo appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!! Please trust know God is working in YOUR life, even in the quiet times. I’m so encouraged by all the great new things going on with you 😉


  2. Love it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. It is truly appreciated. I feel like I just grew through your life experiences. Keep em coming, we can do this vicariously.
    2014 is the year for stepping up and stepping out, your confirming so many things I’m reading and learning about through personal development.

    “We are most powerful outside of our comfort zone.”
    -Les Brown

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    • Jamel!!

      Thanks so much for reading and for the encouragement!! I’ll always appreciate that day outside Jay when I wasn’t sure what the next step was and you listened and supported, thank you. Love that quote!! Blessings,


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