August-When I Really Knew It Was Purposeful

I didn’t forget my baby! Timing is off, but thank you Jesus, I’m back! PS-I really wrote this in August, so let’s go back for a minute!

1. Sa Pa in Vietnam was the most beautiful place I’ve visited this summer!  Every pic is a postcard! Google the images…

2. When I started this summer journey, all I knew was I’d be volunteering in Thailand for 2 weeks.  Two months later, I visited 5 countries and nearly ran out of passport pages.  Beyond what I could ask or imagine.

3. As much as I miss home, I’m not ready to leave yet.  God is working on unfinished business in me 😉

4. The world is big, but small y’all, please go see more of it!

5. His strength is made perfect in my weakness for sure! I kept saying that as I trekked up them rice fields lol!

6. Between surviving a kayak capsizing scare with a NYer, meeting my first Lucille (if you know, you know 😉 ) and being recognized by a brother from Clinton Hill (wild story!!), Laos definitely holds a memorable place in my heart.

7. I thought IG was self indulgent till I joined (ha!) but it’s been great for connecting with new traveling friends.

8. In one of my trying moments, my big sis Terri said ‘live like it’s all good, cuz it is!’…she ain’t lie.

9. When you go to remote Asian rest stops, don’t think fried rice for snacks, more like grasshopper and live larvae 😐

10. The people!!! The people make this experience come alive, thankful for everyone I’ve met along the way, every encounter had purpose.

11. Ask strangers/new acquaintances  how they perceive you, you’ll be surprised at what you learn or what’s confirmed.

12. I feel like I was on a 5 month honeymoon since I left BK 🙂 and I’m actually looking forward to going back to work in Saudi.

13. America held out on some shady history.  I love my country, but side eye fo sho!

14. Travel light.  Thanks Talijah!!! As a backpacker, all you really need is 5 main things! Wanna know? ask…

15. Some days are regular and that’s okay.  Everyday ain’t gotta be Disney World!

16. I’m looking forward to tithing again!

17. Gonna miss high speed internet! Asia, y’all rule that!

18. Biggest takeaway from the summer-God showed me I really had to trust Him and know that all would work out for my good, even in uncertainty and discomfort.  He never needed my approval, but wow!!! God really loves us.  God really loves me!!!

19. Not bragging, just recognizing.  It was brave to travel “solo” this summer (of course God was all in… still) grateful I was able to “feel the fear, but do it anyway”-DCB

20. To whom much is given, much is required.  I get it.

Each Pic Has A Special Story