The Gestation-Month 1, September-“Regularly” Scheduled Programming

Trying Something New!

Trying Something New!

As I start my first full school year in Saudi which will likely be 9-10 months, I kept thinking about how this gift of time is in preparation for something beautiful just like pregnancy, and each month, many changes are happening.  What will God manifest?  What will He give life to? Let’s watch what happens…

1. When I returned to Saudi, to no fault of mine, I didn’t have a job secured-told y’all this was the year of the discomfort zone!

2. I love where I’m working and what I’m doing right now!!! I’m growing, being challenged and stretched.  Look at God!

3. I feel famous when Travel Noire or an Instagram travel site features me! ha! It’s been a great platform for me to share more info with others.

4. Joined the cleanup crew at church.  I bring my own gloves-typical A move!

5. Making a list of SMART goals is easier than the execution…still on it though!

6. I’m being challenged to grow in the discomfort.

7. Y’all get excited for the Jewish holidays, but I’m hype about Eid-Al-Adha! 11 days off cheah!! Eid Mubarak to the bros and sis’!

8. Grateful and praying for the country I live in right now.  Its opened doors to so much for me! Testimony in progress.

9. My homemade lentil soup is pretty darn good (and not just I said it!! lol)

10. Pre-planning food, clothes, and lessons for the week makes me feel like a responsible adult-weird.

11. I take for granted that I’m a native English speaker, but to people around the world, it’s a huge deal!

12. Yemeni pomegranates yaaaassssss!!! And for about $.050??!!! How much y’all pomegranates cost??!! oh. 😛

13. I’m a BK girl in a Saudi world.  People say its the way I walk, talk, etc. Back home some of my people (side eye!!) would say I’m not from BK (cuz I’m kinda quirky and stuff lol) but here? Notsomuch.

14. It’s like God gave me this gift of pausing time for me to catch up on something! I’m happy being here, right now, in this moment.

15. Shopping trips have to be planned around prayer time and that can try one’s (okay my) patience.

16. I have to be in bed by 9pm to get my full 8 hours, hasn’t happened yet, but God willing, it shall!!!!

17. Change happens.  Get comfortable with it! lol, but how???!!!

18. I love the clarity that comes with being a woman of a certain age 😉 I feel it!!!

19. ‘In everything there is a season and a time.’  God reminded me this as my people back home recently experienced loss and are going through. Praying.

20. By the time this reaches you, God willing I’ll be coming back from Ethiopia (remember, Eid break)!!!…What will I have to share in October??!!


11 thoughts on “The Gestation-Month 1, September-“Regularly” Scheduled Programming

  1. Diane Anderson says:

    Hey April love you much enjoyed reading about your Gestation month you wear the head wrap well I am so glad that you are enjoying your journey and GOD is continuing to bless you and keep you safe hope you enjoyed your trip to Africa saw your godmother on October 4, 2014 at the Circle Of Sisters expo even though I have not seen her in a long time she remembered me it was so good seeing her you are always in my prayers and I hope that GOD continues to bless and keep you Tiffany and La Toya send there love and blessings be safe we love ya

    Liked by 1 person

    • Diane!

      Thank you for always supporting and for reading! Mommy said Toya’s party was sooo nice! Yes my Godmother is good with faces! Praying for y’all and forever grateful for my village! Much Love!


  2. Ebony says:

    Gopie this is great! #5, #9…they may have been trying to appease you! Lol. Nah, you better cook girl! #15, #17…yes Lord! #18, 💃 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My Sis!!

      Yes the real test of my food will be my people back home! Lol. I am thankful God kept us connected, I needed to witness your faith walk! I love you and appreciate you always!


  3. Bruh!!!

    I appreciate you for always supporting me!!! Thank you for reading, I remember when we were talking on the phone and in person about this and now! God is real. It ain’t always easy, but it’s def worth it!! I love you family!!



    • My Bu!!!!

      Happy Birthday month!!! Thank you always for the love! I can’t wait to buy some of your new creation, the desert will make ya skin ashy!! Lol. Till we connect on person…I love you!


  4. Yes, #3! I want your autograph! 😉 #7 Praise God for the breaks! #4 You are not playing with those gloves! Hahaha! #15 I’m just saying. The planning we must do! #16 You’ll get there! So glad to see you walk out this journey. Thank you for your faithfulness to this blog. It’s inspiring me and helping me capture my journey too through someone else’s eyes. Keep up the stellar work, A!


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