October-Growing Pains-Month 2

So I was blessed to go to the Mother of Motherlands in Sep/Oct and this happened…

1. On the plane I was asked if I was a boy or girl, feelings hurt much?

2.  At the airport in Addis Ababa, there’s no such thing as orderly lines, push your way through or don’t get served-so push I did.

3. The current weather in Ethiopia is cool and rainy like NY fall, which I’m not really enjoying. I miss that Saudi heat-I’m a warm/hot weather girl for sure!

4. At the first place I stayed, I was greeted with a condom (wrapper not included) on the hallway floor.

5. I’m wondering what this journey will bring; like Asia, I’m going unplanned with hopes of having a full, rich experience, but I don’t know what will be said when I return on October 8th.

6. Got my first international ‘are you Rasta?’ today.

7. Was told I’m African but not Ethiopian (oh) , then was told I’m Ethiopian…still on a quest to find my lineage.

8. Ethiopia wasn’t love at first sight for me.

9. I saw many things I wanted to capture in pictures, but didn’t.  I felt convicted to respect the human experience.  When abroad, consider the intent behind what you photograph.

10. Going to Bahir Dir in northern Ethiopia changed my experience for the better.  Sometimes you gotta give time, time.

11. Africans are the strongest people I’ve encountered in my life! I come from a powerful people!

12. I walked barefoot in the mud for the first time EVER and definitely stepped in some mess, but it was great??!!  Thankful my guide pushed me to try new things!

13. God raises people everywhere we go!! I now have FAMILY in Ethiopia!!!!

14. Ethiopian people-man woman, boy, girl are BEAUTIFUL!!

15. Went bike riding in Bahir Dir and again became in awe of my life!  I hope you experience an euphoric excitement from God’s blessings too!

16. Injera-the main dish in Ethiopia isn’t my favorite, but…

17. Witnessing extreme poverty around the world makes me feel helpless.

18. Don’t take hot water and lights for granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My survivor skills have definitely sharpened since leaving America.

19. I don’t have a BFF.  I have my peoplepeople, but they don’t come with that title. Don’t know why this post is on here.

20. When I got back to Saudi, life was waiting hard for me, playtime was over, and it wasn’t comfortable.

Before I took them off!