December-Month 4-Nothing Was The Same

Whew! What a year it's been!!! :-)

Whew! I need to sit down! What a year it’s been!!! 🙂

Of course I’d throw a rap reference in my title! Anyway, nearing the close of my FIRST everything overseas!  So here’s to December…

1. I miss walking freely, but wonder if I’ll walk slower (those who know…)when I get back home.

2. Re: the items I couldn’t take on the plane in February, Ms. Hill summed it up, ‘thought what I wanted was something I needed.’  I didn’t NEED any of it.

3. I’m not with structured prayer time if you ain’t tryna live right outside those times…

4. Big/small, everyone has a role to play. #justice

5. No matter how far you try to go, God will be there, making sure you confront your issues 😉 (or maybe just me?)

6. I don’t have anything to prove being on this journey.  So whether it was one day or one year, I succeeded.

7. I couldn’t picture December when I first arrived and here we are.

8. This blog (as late as it is at times) is one thing I have consistently followed through on, big step for me.

9. Nothing like an African baby dedication!! I need that in my life!!!

10. Love church out here, but still wondering why service is 3 hours??!!!

11. Had my first Eritrean wedding experience! Different, cultural, beautiful, grateful.

12. My first (yes, I been a late bloomer) baking experience was banana bread and it was quite edible!

13. I went in traditional Ethiopian dress for the Military Christmas Ball.  I said I was running my own race!

14. Some experiences you can’t put into words, like this Christmas! Unforgettable in a beautiful way!

15. I still need my people from back home.

16. I underestimated how awesome this year was for me, till one day I looked at my pics.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty when you’re in it, but we gotta take a moment.

17.  As IMPERFECT as it is, I am so grateful to be born in the USA.  I now recognize there is privilege (and for me, responsibility) that comes with the blue passport.  I don’t want to take that for granted.

18. I pray that I’ll continue to follow God’s lead when I return to familiarity.

19. Witnessing loving, God centered families at church warms and encourages my spirit.

20. Nervous, excited, prayerful, trusting, wondering…about what God, in 2015, will bring!

I made it to December!!!

I made it to December!!!


6 thoughts on “December-Month 4-Nothing Was The Same

  1. Traia says:

    Love it! The US of A passport is the best platinum black ticket you can ever invest in! I feel privileged to be apart of your 2014 journey near and far!
    John 14:27; Phil 4:6

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  2. #1 Girl, you don’t slow down for anybody out here. Ruthless walker! #LeavesMeInTheDustAndWeAreGoingOnTheSameBus Hahaha!

    I went in on #10!

    #17 Nationality privilege is real! We’re more blessed than we realize.

    #16 This has been one power-packed year. Glad I got to spend most of it with you!

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  3. Your Bu says:

    Gurl!! Look at you?! Absolutely beautiful cover photo.
    You’re not alone for #5 and Amen to #6.
    Love the way your faith radiates off the pages of your post.
    You are loved and you are missed.

    Liked by 1 person

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