January 2015-Month 5-Game Change

Last year was so beautiful and just like that...2015!

Last year was so beautiful and just like that…2015!

1. Attended my first ever watch night service! Never went to the late service at EBC, so doing it here was really special and fun!

2. Starting 1/1/15 by oversleeping, waking up in a panic from a nightmare, and almost missing the bus to work, is NOT the business!! God, I’m trusting it gets better!!!

3. Hosted my first Kwanzaa gathering on New Year’s Day, real intimate, real significant.  Thankful for good folk who inspire me.

4. Made chocolate chip cookies (from scratch) that I thought were a bust, but my people asked for more!! I still need a do-over, but who knew I could make edible stuff in the kitchen??!! God.

5. For me, 2014 was my Illmatic/Miseducation/Good Kid Madd City year (y’all know Ihiphop) 😉 So the expectancy for 2015 is crazy, but God keeps reminding me to chill with that…this is a journey.

6. Some know I usually have a fitting hip hop reference for many things, but it would just be awkward to throw that into convos here.  Anyway the good news is I’m getting there with bible verses too! God is working!

7. I’m listening to The Best of Sade as I write this.

8. I got excited for all of US traveling on those cheap flights!!! Let’s normalize this worldwide thing!

9. God willing, in a few months, I’ll be reunited with my hometown! Cheah!!

10. At the same time, this experience has become a journey, not a contract, so I’m in no rush to put dates on this.  I lived methodically before, but in this moment, I’m tryna be present in the newness.

11. I’m thankful I’m still on this journey.  I traveled so much in so many ways last year and God kept me. Traffic out here is dangerous so I don’t take traveling mercies for granted.  Prayers always appreciated!!

12. I LOVE that the sun shines everyday here!!!

13. I’m excited about YOUR 2015! For real!!!

14. Testimony-last month I got to tithe for the first time since I left and really!! I was so grateful to say thank you in the smallest way. Everything I am and have is because of God. I think I’m caught up now 😉

15. God showed me a tangible reminder to live right (wasn’t me this time, whew!!! but I ain’t exempt!) Sin can have a major domino effect.  Lord, I need your help, draw me close to you!

16. I look at myself less in the mirror.  When I do look though, I notice differences (I mean we supposed to age!!!) Not bad, but different, change happens. Accept and move forward.

17. I was blessed to experience a Somali wedding in Saudi, Muslim style!!!

18. Didn’t think saying I’ll be leaving Saudi early would be a conversation I’d have, but thanks to a learning opportunity, I’m out a lil earlier, stay tuned for the next…

19. At certain times/ages, people (self included) have certain expectations for where we should be in life, but who made those rules? Is everyone supposed to live that way?? I’m really trying to listen hard and take my cues from God.

20. Grieving abroad is harder in some ways than being near.  Nneka Fritz, your being blessed my life and still inspires me to keep living, traveling, and making this time meaningful, so I thank God for the life you LIVED (you lived sis!!!) and I feel good knowing that I shared my admiration for you in life! The beads are in my suitcase, I will still bring them back for you.


14 thoughts on “January 2015-Month 5-Game Change

  1. All I can say to all of this is YASSSSSSS! Okay, I guess I can say a lil’ more. I love this post. So genuine, vulnerable, and real! I’m proud of you, April and I can’t wait to see what’s next! YASSSSSSSSSS!

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  2. Trai says:

    Those cookies were good! Ditto to KA for being vulnerable! Stop doubting your cooking abilities. As you always say, “you gotta give time, time.” Give yourself time to practice and make it manifest. I’m so happy for what u did in 2014. “The best is still yet to come!”

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    • Oyinka!!!!

      Thank you sincerely!! It’s been wow and I am still loving the journey!!! God willing, we’ll share stories and catch up when I get back!!! Love and blessings!


  3. Lou says:

    I Cosign everything.
    The greatest learned truth is that God has already provided & the most powerful prayer we can pray is one of gratitude & thanks.
    All things come to an end, not because good or bad, but to start a new chapter. Glad you seized the opportunities. Your awesomeness level on fleek 😉


    • Bruh!!

      Preciate the cosign! I know you get it and get me! I love you, can’t wait to share stories in person!!! Will keep you posted on the next 😉 Can you believe we’re using fleek in Saudi??!!! They got me!! lol!



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