March-Month 7: Nearing the Last Stretch…


Did this really happen??!!


1. The ‘you’re here by yourself?’ question still has me like ‘and why not!!? lol but I proudly answer yes and move on!

2. I don’t subscribe to bucket lists.  If you do, cool.  I just put enough expectation and pressure on myself to add that to the mix.

3. Dubai doesn’t speak to my spirit.  Lots to do and see, but as far as unique culture… For me-no.

4. Much improved from when I left NY, but I’m simply not a good packer y’all!! Trai, thanks for getting me outta Saudi!! 😉

5. Unexpectedly bartered my English skills (if you call them skills lol) in exchange for an accommodation in Thailand! I know, pretty impressive!  

6. I miss not spending money.  Saudi spoiled me!

7. Food poisoning and flights are never a good combo! Bless the Lord for flight delays tho!!(If you’re REALLY interested I’ll fill you in lol!)

8. Ever sleep with a stranger in an unfamiliar place? Yeah, me too. (Calm down folks, it reads way more exciting than it is!)

9. I miss my Saudi people and church already!

10. Sooo nervous about the intensity of this course I’m about to take, but you can do it A! (*the update is I DID IT!! Praise God! Ps138:8)

11. Biggie was on to something when he said ‘Only make moves when ya heart’s in it’…Tho my caveat would be ‘when God’s in it’.

12. Thailand will force you to take multiple showers a day!! I never sweat like this in Saudi!

13. God’s love transcends language barriers! Hallelujah is the same in every language!

14. Writing this in the local park, feeling like a local!

15. Thailand-one of the few places I’ve experienced where people publicly appreciate my size.

16. Got up close and personal with some elephants-the beauty and sadness in their eyes is captivating. Please reconsider before choosing to ride elephants!!

17. I went to church in Thailand where the Christian population is about 0.5%….Okay God!  

18. This course has me re-evaluating all my sentences.   My blog is a rebellion against grammar rules. Haha!

19. I’m not in the weight class to be experimenting with food everyday! Sometimes I wanna know I’m gonna eat it and enjoy!

20. Before I left Saudi, I was told, “God has gone before you.” And surely He has!