May-Month 9-Special Delivery, I’m Home!!

Peace, BKNY! * helped me warm up to the cam!

Peace, BKNY! ( helped me warm up to the cam!)

Grateful to be home safe and especially grateful for all of your prayers and encouragement-thank you! This post is dedicated to HOME! BKNY!

1. People still angry on the B54! I def got a chuckle out of it this time.

2. After a 14 month fast from alcohol, it tastes extra strong now, so far I’m ehh on it.

3. God reminded me not to get too comfortable, change is constant.

4. I won when the homeless gentleman told me “Hey soul sista, you rockin it girl, makes my eyes very happy!” Home.

5. A cabbie spoke to me in Arabic, never happened before…is it that obvious?!

6. Brooklyn-I love you, but watching you change like this hurts my heart.

7. NY is tryna take all my money!! Gotta be strategic about this spending.

8. Things change and stay the same. Home.

9. I binge watched Empire when I got back, I get it y’all!

10. Thankful for family that will hook up your grooming needs! Mommy, Judy, and Diane-I appreciate that y’all love me and wanna keep me fresh!

11. I’m trying to eat better-it’s not cheap, but I trust it will be worth it.

12. Thankful for the reminder of Psalm 51:10-I need that, especially here!

13. How come I’m the only one wearing my winter jacket??! It’s cold y’all! lol

14. They posting rules and pictures of how to act on the train now??!! I guess it has to be explicit :-/

15. Pacing myself here-y’all be doing too much-okay okay, that was me 14 months ago! 😛

16. Thankful for difficult, but honest conversations-I must be growing up a bit!

17. NY rats are way too healthy!! What gives??!!

18. Transitioning back to home MY way, helped ease the process!

19. Had a convo with the elders my first Sunday back in church. That’s wisdom that we need and won’t be here forever-let’s take time to listen.

20. I also won when someone told me “you look like a baby” after checking my ID, shout out to the ancestors for that Good Black!

21. There is still no place like home and something so sincere and inexplicable about that hometown love-thank you for the warm homecoming!