August 2016- Home Schooled!


I look tired and a mess! Sometimes the victory story ain’t cute, but it’s still a win!

I wrote this post in late April, almost a year since I came home, with the intent of sharing when I passed my road test in June…yet here it is August! lol…but Glory to God, on 8/26/16, it finally happened…Home is certainly schooling me! Some lessons below, maybe they’re for you too…

1. Pray it, speak it, write it, fight to believe it, go forth in it (all things positive, that is). Whatever your IT is, live like it’s happening. Romans 4:17…reminds us to believe in the ‘God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.’

2.  Sometimes I gotta just do and work it out as I go! Planning and preparedness are great, but it’s not always the best way to get a thing moving. Don’t overthink the process too much A! (thanks for the reminder, Diane)

3. Know your strengths and know when you don’t got it…then ask for help daggone it! I mean we’re made for community and not asking (the right folk) doesn’t make you strong, it can actually make you less efficient.

4. People will be disappointed with you (or me ;-)…and I, with them. Happens. Trying to be a better human, but thankful for Jesus.

5. Who said “there is an upside to a down season”?!? Well, thanks for that word-I experienced it!

6. Joyce Meyer (who I don’t really rock with-nothing personal, just me pre-judging lol) came into my living room one day and said ‘Be careful about flirting with sin…don’t just live for this one emotional moment, later on is gonna come.’ Well dang Joyce! No one invited you tho.

7. God’s calendar really does trump mine…it’s that patience part tho. Yes, James 1:2-4, I got it, dang!

8. Joyce also said (the same day she wasn’t invited)…’Sin will always cost more than you intended to pay.’ Sigh…I know about it.

9. Don’t hide or be ashamed of your truth! I been through 2, maybe 3 thangs in life 😉, you prob have too…I’m learning that someone needs that testimony in a way that only you or I can share.

10. We really don’t know when it’s our time. Handle family affairs! Who’s the POA? Who’s on the proxy? Life insurance, anyone? I got work to do in these areas, so this is a serious reminder for me.

11. You def can’t win if you haven’t sent out an application. Rejections/losses happen, stay in the game!

12. I failed my road test so many times that my final examiner (God bless you for witnessing my ugly cry, Ms.Natalie) tested me before and I didn’t even remember! lol! Not giving up means a lot more to me today.

13. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense…maybe on the other side?

14. Who said women are great multitaskers? Cuz not all of us, *raises hand in hopes of forgiveness ✋🏿

15. If you’re ( sorry, I’m 😉) waiting on someone’s approval/acknowledgment, etc., I might as well throw in the towel….but since that’s not an option, lemme encourage myself!! Easier said right?…but still pressing.

16. I gotta participate in worship despite how I feel. Otherwise, why do it, right?

17. When people see me, they don’t necessarily see strength, and God has shown me, that, THAT (caps to avoid confusion lol) is a strength!

18. Happiness, like trouble don’t last always, so enjoy those happy MOMENTS, cuz they are just that (sorry to disappoint lol), but I’m learning to ride along, as long as I remember God in it.

19. Working to be sincerely grateful for the “not yets” that I think are “no’s”.

20. Being back home has been a blessing and overall I think I’ve adjusted well. I still miss it tho…