July- A One Woman Show!

One of these expressions is NOT like the other!

One of these expressions is NOT like the other!

Whew! The narrowing down process was a lot harder this time.  31 days in SEA (South East Asia) is a long time for only 20 posts, but here goes…

1. I wish I paid more attention in Global class in high school, instead of being happy with my 65.  I pretty much knew nothing about each country I visited. I know I know…

2. Four countries in one month is ambitious.  Glad I did it, but next time I’d spend more time in one.

3. Vietnam streets ain’t nuthin ta fu%# wit! (cues the Wu) But seriously, the motorbikers are no joke in the cities and they have no problem running you over.

4. Patong Beach in Thailand was one of the first times I felt FREE like a kid again!

5. I’ve never been the “only” and now I know what it feels like. Not bad, but different.

6. I HATE cigarette smoke and SO MANY tourists smoke!!! Don’t even seem like they heard of cancer :-/

7. I was riding my bike to the beach in Vietnam when I realized, I’m riding a bike to the beach in Vietnam!!!! Glory to God.

8. In retrospect, my favorite experiences this summer have been the most terrifying ones…Oh, I got stories y’all!!!!!

9. You know this, but Black/Brown people need sun screen too.  Peeling at the dinner table is not attractive.

10. In Germany, it’s about 300 Euro (sometimes free) per YEAR to attend university.  Seriously America, what’s really good?

11. I decided some time ago that I will not drink alcohol while I’m out of the USA to be fully present, etc. But I’ll gladly welcome a glass when I return 😉

12. There are genuinely good people in the world who will look after you in need! (Ps 91:11)

13. The Indonesians loooved my hair (and it was lookin all types of crazy!) Surprised that it was appreciated there without question.

14. Traveling alone made me even more aware that I am a woman and a woman of color.

15. Haven’t seen the trailer, but now I really wanna see “Dear White People”!!

16. Being stared, laughed, pointed at and blatantly ignored out here was a lot at times, but I think my skin got a lil thicker!

17. This year, I’ve used these tender-dollar, dinar, riyal, baht, rupiah, real, dong, and kip. Fun to look at, confusing to convert.

18. I hear the real culture shock happens when you come back home. Hmm…

19. Invest in a proper camera when traveling the world.  The iPhone is holding me down, but it ain’t official!

20. On Christ the solid rock I stand.