December-Month 4-Nothing Was The Same

Whew! What a year it's been!!! :-)

Whew! I need to sit down! What a year it’s been!!! ūüôā

Of course I’d throw a¬†rap reference in my title! Anyway, nearing¬†the close¬†of my FIRST¬†everything¬†overseas! ¬†So here’s to¬†December…

1. I miss walking freely, but wonder if I’ll walk slower (those who know…)when I get back home.

2. Re: the items I couldn’t take on the plane in February, Ms. Hill summed it up,¬†‘thought what I wanted was something I needed.’ ¬†I didn’t NEED any of it.

3. I’m not with structured prayer time if you¬†ain’t tryna live right outside those times…

4. Big/small, everyone has a role to play. #justice

5. No matter how far you try to go, God will be there, making sure you confront your issues ūüėČ (or maybe just me?)

6. I don’t have anything to prove being on this journey. ¬†So whether it was¬†one day or one year, I succeeded.

7. I couldn’t picture December when I first arrived and here¬†we are.

8. This blog (as late as it is at times) is one thing I have consistently followed through on, big step for me.

9. Nothing like an African baby dedication!! I need that in my life!!!

10. Love church out here, but still wondering why service is 3 hours??!!!

11. Had my first Eritrean wedding experience! Different, cultural, beautiful, grateful.

12. My first (yes, I been a late bloomer) baking experience was banana bread and it was quite edible!

13. I went in traditional Ethiopian dress for the Military Christmas Ball.  I said I was running my own race!

14. Some experiences you can’t put into words, like this Christmas! Unforgettable in a beautiful¬†way!

15. I still need my people from back home.

16. I underestimated how awesome this year was for me, till one day I looked at my pics. ¬†Sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty when you’re in it, but we gotta take a moment.

17. ¬†As IMPERFECT as it is, I am so grateful to be born in the USA. ¬†I now recognize there is privilege (and for me, responsibility) that comes with the¬†blue passport. ¬†I don’t want to take that for granted.

18. I pray that I’ll continue to follow God’s lead¬†when I return to familiarity.

19. Witnessing loving, God centered families at church warms and encourages my spirit.

20. Nervous, excited, prayerful, trusting, wondering…about what God, in 2015, will bring!

I made it to December!!!

I made it to December!!!


November-Mind in Transition-Month 3

This thing survived being submerged in a river!

She survived being submerged in a river!

1. Had one page left on my passport (Eph 3:20)!! Handled that! I gotta see¬†y’all at some point!

2. In reference to my travels, was asked ‘where haven’t¬†you been??!’ Crazy because I don’t think I’ve seen a lot, yet people often see you differently than you see yourself.

3. The okeydoke is being invited to Thanksgiving dinner to arrive and find out everyone has to cook it. #wheretheydo… Made for good times tho!

4. He who finds a wife finds a good thing-God ain’t never lie!!!

5. I doubt leaving the house before 6am will ever get fun for me, help me in my unbelief Lord!

6. My church fam out here really check on folk-thankful my EBC foundation set the standard.

7. I feel very connected to the movements back home.  Figuring out my role!!

8. God is teaching me the importance of balance in this season, but the strug has been real.

9. The Princess Souk-aka flea market in Saudi Arabia is quite an experience-great deals, but bring your box cutter.

10. Trouble really don’t last always, but neither does happiness. ¬†For me? It has to be the joy and peace of The Lord!!!! Traveling solo is making me¬†see faith in a new way.

11. Yup! The honeymoon’s definitely over. ¬†Still…would NEVER take this journey back!

12. I was concerned that my students weren’t really getting it/getting me, then the midterm happened and I was pleasantly surprised.

13.¬†Two words that may try your nerves¬†when you’re NEXT¬†in line out here…’After prayer.’ ‘Whaaaaat???!!!! ¬†We still got 10 minutes!!!’ Lol, sorry I digress.

14. Umm Saudi gets cold y’all (not¬†NY cold, but) I’m bout to buy a space heater!

15. Thankful I was raised in a place with proper drainage systems. Rain/flooding out here is super dangerous!!!!

16. In life you will disappoint and be disappointed. Thankful for Jesus tho!

17. Talking to two friends back home recently was like eating a good home cooked meal! A fulfilling¬†place! ¬†Don’t be fooled, I need y’all!

18. I’m in a place where people¬†have never witnessed the 4 seasons of the year. It’s Saudi¬†winter, summer and khalas! ¬†(pron. Ha-Las=finished)

19. The compound life/social scene out here¬†gives me a college vibe-I’ll pass thanks.

20. I don’t think I have a metro card for when I get back home. Am I gon need to ask for a swipe? How much is the fare + card now??!! ¬†I know, tomorrow has enough worries of its own, but typical A! ūüėõ