April-Month 8-Almost Due!

1. No camel kicks or desert bbqs, but a beautifully, simple birthday was had! 4/4 Baby!

2. There was an eclipse on my birthday and a stranger sang to me-the little things!

3. You get what you pay for, like the $8 facial I got in Thailand-Johnson& Johnson products tho?! At least there was no skin whitening ingredients! I know how Asia do!

4. The last week of my CELTA course was tough for me; something about seeing the finish line but not yet touching it.

5. I always get nervous about leaving a familiar place and figuring out how to navigate the next, but I’ve been doing it for a few min now, so Ima keep going.

6. People want to be heard, I need to take time to listen.

7. The only thing I knew for certain last February was I’d be in Saudi Arabia. A lot can happen in 365.

8. Streaming my home church on Resurrection Sunday-comfort food!

9. Still pressing toward the mark of completing the Old Testament by the time I come home (let’s see where I am by the time I release this…*Isaiah, still encouraged!)

10. I’m clear, God is always with me! Physically doing it all solo gets frustrating at times tho.

11. Grateful for consistency in friendships! The people I expected to hear from-I did, and even people I didn’t expect to hear from, checked on me-thank y’all!

12. Met a man from Alaska who killed a grizzly bear, a woman who lives on a boat, and an undertaker!!!!!! My life??!! Did you know they’re allowed to kill 2 grizzlies/year in Alaska??! And there’s more Grizzlies than people in certain areas-no and thank you.

13. Machu Picchu-I said I would and did, praise and glory to God!

14. My interactions with white/European people stand out as some of the worst parts of my overall experience. Honest.

15. There’s something I love, yet is very uncomfortable about a place that speaks no English and you’re forced to speak the native language-Gracias Peru!

16. Madrid was cool, but I realized in my travels I’m not moved by big cities-hek, I’m from the best big city there is 😉

17. When people ask you for directions in Spanish and you front like you know what you’re talking about ✋🏿

18. In need of a makeover when I get home (the backpacker, nature lover look ain’t cute, plus I’m older) but Damali said “rustic” is cool so take it easy on me y’all! 🙂

19. While I’m in Cusco, Peru complaining cuz I’m freezing, a friend shared some challenging responsibilities she was met with back home. Perspective. Don’t know what’s waiting for me on the other side, but trusting God will prepare and equip.

20. Turbulence on a plane will remind you who controls your destiny! Psalm 56:3